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Christening Photographer Leeds

Photographing a Greek Christening with the Sony A7iii

Baby and Godfather reflected in a religious portrait. Sony a7iii, 24-70mm F2.8 GM, 1/60s, f/3.5, ISO 3200

I don't often photograph christenings but I really enjoyed this one at the Church of the Holy Three Hierarchs in Leeds last Sunday. It was a really interesting service to observe and a perfect, low pressure opportunity to have a play and get to grips with the Sony A7iii.

During the service I noticed this reflection and loved how perfectly it captured the serenity of the moment and the affection shown for the baby by his godfather. After discreetly shuffling around a bit to position the pair in the dark area of the picture, it was so easy to focus on the godfather's eyes using Sony's DMF system, allowing me to autofocus and then fine tune with a 6x magnification in the viewfinder, concentrated on the focus point.

The low light capabilities of the camera meant I could use available light throughout the service without the need for flash. The noise levels are fine at ISO 3200 and noise has a nice even, film-like quality to it. I haven't applied any noise reduction to this photo at all. Again, another great feature of this camera, silent mode, allowed me to snap away to my heart's content without intruding on the proceedings.