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Peppa Pig Sony A7iii Low Light Test

Sony A7iii, ISO Auto 5000, 25mm, f/2.8, 1/8 sec

Low Light Sample with the Sony A7iii

I thought I'd share this sample shot I took last night after my office was taken over by my daughter's stuffed toy collection! Not that it's an exciting photo for most grown-ups but it does demonstrate the fantastic low light capabilities of the new Sony A7iii.

I had the camera set to f/2.8 auto ISO with the minimum shutter speed set to "Lower". This setting uses the reciprocal of the lens focal length - 1/25 in this case - and calculates a minimum shutter speed 2 stops slower. As the camera features in body image stabilisation (IBIS) - whereby the sensor moves in 5 axes to compensate for any movement - I was able to take this shot handheld using DMF focussing on Peppa's eye at 1/8 sec and still achieve excellent sharpness.

I've removed the default sharpening and noise reduction applied by Lightroom and the minimal noise, although present, is still very clean. Colours still look great. 1/8 sec would usually be too slow for people shots so I would have to increase the ISO by a couple of stops in these low light conditions but as the Sony A7iii extends to ISO 204,800 for usable shots I can be confident that I will still get outstanding image quality.

Here is how DxOMark compares the Sony A7iii to my other main camera the Nikon D800: